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steve ouch hand crafted photography

Road conditions seem right to drive today and creativity is car. Yesterday, it was icy.
Maybe I’ll just throw everything up in the air as see if the future falls out. Like in between sticks.

Blaire Sees Bears Seeks Star

The starring Bear for Blaire Sees Bears

Children of ages three through nine,
Twinkle your noses and shine up your shine.
I’m looking for the girl and boy to star in my next book.
Come to the casting call with your parents in-line.

November 4th details.

You can also read the article from the Newberg Graphic.

Some foods are red,
Some violets are tea-cupped,
spagetti’s fun with babies,
if you don’t have to cleanup.

Holiday season green and red
Greeting smiles of white and pink,
family visits are like lutefisk,
after three days they start to stink.

Pre-Shipment Sale

Cherry becomes a skeleton

Conversation tube

My halloween present and this weeks’ art project. There’s a rug inside.

Conversation Tube

Here’s the design for my halloween costume.

Images for Blaire Sees Bears

Ghost me

My literary last week

Dante travels downward to meet Holden Caulfield,
Who is an obviously misguided shit but quite smart,
They have conversation. Lots of it.
Holden learns about the cycle of expression and writing,
But doesn’t understand.
As they travel up through the rings of the Republic of purgatory
they meet a good ol’ Sport called Gatsby.
Gatsby concocts a masterplan plan to get a girl,
But when Dante finds out that it’s Beatrice he attacks Gatsby, killing him.
And so it goes.
Socrates meets up with the duo and uses the abhorrant Method of Elenchus
to show them that they’re all unstuck in time.
He continues to debate for so long that he convinces them
that the real location of Paradiso is a “zoo in Tralfamadore.”

What’s up there



Still messing around with open exposure.

I love trees

Pen, oh my pen

This little object has almost as many hours in my hand as my finger.

C and I playing open exposure

The Catch 22 of The Tao

We let go of our viscous history to find our new way yet we still create history.

Out my window

“the devil ain’t got no music.” – Mavis Staples

Heard that today. Seeing how the music, no matter how¬†horrendous¬†it is, comes from our expression of the human spirit, I’d have to agree. Thank you Mavis for that great thought.

Here’s a look out my window the other night.