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My literary last week

Dante travels downward to meet Holden Caulfield,
Who is an obviously misguided shit but quite smart,
They have conversation. Lots of it.
Holden learns about the cycle of expression and writing,
But doesn’t understand.
As they travel up through the rings of the Republic of purgatory
they meet a good ol’ Sport called Gatsby.
Gatsby concocts a masterplan plan to get a girl,
But when Dante finds out that it’s Beatrice he attacks Gatsby, killing him.
And so it goes.
Socrates meets up with the duo and uses the abhorrant Method of Elenchus
to show them that they’re all unstuck in time.
He continues to debate for so long that he convinces them
that the real location of Paradiso is a “zoo in Tralfamadore.”